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‘Mystery at the Museum’ is our new ready-to-print detective mystery for 9 year-olds. It's a great activity if you're planning a birthday party at home. Or to play just for fun during the holidays.

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‘Mystery at the Museum’ is our new ready-to-print detective mystery for 9 year-olds. It's a great activity if you're planning a birthday party at home. Or to play just for fun during the holidays.

Fred, a young private detective, is entrusted with an investigation by the Director of the city museum: he has to uncover the 'gang' which has stolen several paintings, very valuable old masters. He needs a group of young detectives to help him solve the puzzles and riddles that provide the clues and will finally lead to catching the villain.

The game can be played indoors or outdoors (garden, house, apartment...). It's up to you to decide where to hide the clues depending on where the detective mystery is being held. The game begins by reading the introduction to the children. From clue to clue, hiding place to hiding place, the children have to solve all the puzzles to solve the mystery.
You want to use up a bit more of the children's energy, test their memory skills, see how discreet they can be? A series of (optional) challenges are provided which can be played in between certain clues and make the game even more fun!

Game language: English
Game format: detective mystery
Average time to complete the game: 60 minutes
For children aged: from 9 years
Audience: mixed, boys, girls
Number of players: can be played by two teams, unlimited number of players.

The documents are supplied in PDF format (20 pages approx.)
To be printed before starting the game: clues, initial history, organization sheets, certificates.

In the "Advice" section of our website, you will find all the information, tips and ideas you need to organize this ready-to-print game successfully.

You can download the game immediately after payment. You will receive an email explaining all the details. Please note that nothing is sent by post. All our games are documents in PDF format to print at home.

- Miriam: "It's a fun story and the children really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the idea of the challenges and the fact that after each clue they came back to check they'd found the right answer before setting off to find the next clue."
- Caroline: "The children (8 of 10 years) loved it, they were divided into 2 teams and stampeded round the house. The story was well put together, the clues were great - a couple of them were actually quite tricky to solve. Super challenges and no problem understanding the rules, everything was clearly explained, you just follow the story as it unfolds."
- Claire: "The kids really enjoyed it: one told me that it was simply ‘the best’ and it was the greatest birthday party he'd ever been to!"
- Jenny: "The kids got involved in the story right away. Some of the clues seemed really easy to us but the kids took time to solve them. Two of them needed an adult to help out (the coded message was a bit long and working out the guards’ rounds)."
- Laura: "It rained non-stop all day and with 10 children aged 8/9 in the house it was a life-saver. I added a few personal touches for hiding the clues (eg: under the carpet in the corridor) and for the reward at the end I'd found a confetti cannon with fake notes... The children loved it and spent a great day without ever going up to the bedrooms! Amazing!'
- Becky: "The kids loved it and I found your game clearly explained and with an interesting story. Playing in teams plus the challenges made it really fun. "
- Kate: "Very simple for the parents, clear rules well adapted for the age group and even though there were a lot of children (14) they really got into the story. Everyone took part. It was perfect for an indoors party - weather foul so couldn’t play outside."
- Olivia: "The kids appreciated it and got involved in the story. For the adults, it was easy to understand and set up. No special equipment necessary."
- Lydia: "Great clues!"
- Julie: "Very popular with the children that came for my son's birthday. The riddles were clearly explained but required some thought, well adapted to the age group. "
- Debby: "We loved it as much as the kids did. Everything was very well explained. We've already told our friends about this website."
- Emma: "I organized the game for my daughter's birthday (inside). The 4 players managed to solve the riddles all on their own. So I'd say the puzzles were perfect for 9 year-olds. Her little brother (age 6) was able to join in by reading the clues to find the puzzles. Very little preparation time needed for me! The sheet with the ideas for hiding places and the associated clues for finding the puzzles was really useful. A great afternoon!
- Sarah: "The children, aged 8 and 9, loved playing detectives! It's an appealing story, straightforward and the puzzles were ideal, not too easy and not too difficult. All the hard work had been done so it was easy for us to organize."

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